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We are an innovative worker collective providing freelance support and services with a passion for community building and solidarity.

Project Management

Certified scoping, ranking, and execution of projects both physical and digital. Experience step-by-step collaboration and transparency to manage any project, event, or deployment.

Interpersonal Development

Target guidance through specific emotional barriers, mature your communication and conflict management skills, or learn effective community building.

System Administration

Security analysis, network administration, data backups, 24/7 monitoring, database migration, system and software updates.

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Ethical best practices, infrastructure analysis, staff training, brand development, communication strategies.

Design and Editing

Logo, branding, and identity are vital to any organization. Team with us to develop and distribute a book, game, digital artwork, or presentations.

Website and Marketing

Modernized web stack, site design, and reliable content hosting. Build with ethical open-source technologies like WordPress, Wagtail, and more.

Because we are a worker cooperative, each of us is passionate and deeply invested in every sense of the word. There is no middle man when you work with us, no board of executives to appease, no shareholder pockets to line. Each of us is empowered to provide the highest tier of service for your specific needs. As our client, you are directly connected to the source of the labor we do, and you experience greater value because of it.

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Jessie Russell

DE&I Consultant,
Integration Coach

Isaac Furniss

Secure Infrastructure Specialist,
IT Administrator

Anna Bellury

Project Manager,
Publishing Specialist

Luke Graybill


We have decades of combined experience in technology, cybersecurity, marketing, consulting, and education. Our skills are honed through years spent in the crucibles of our respective industries, but technical prowess alone is not enough. You also need a team that respects you and supports your goals. A team that builds solutions to help you focus on your business, without nickle-and-diming you to pad their own bottom line.

Cooperatus is that team.

You can feel good about working with us because we are determined to form lasting relationships with clients and communities we believe in and with whom we will do right by. Our work is our passion, and vice versa.

  • Worker Cooperatives and COVID-19

    Worker Cooperatives and COVID-19

    Starting a new worker cooperative in the “Age of Coronavirus”? Yeah, we’re doing that. Starting a business of any kind during a global pandemic, let alone a worker cooperative, seems difficult. Add how our starting membership are doing this for the first time. Then tack on the drop-off of previous customer client contracts. Well, shit.…

  • Black Lives (more than) Matter

    Black Lives (more than) Matter

    Despite what your racist uncle says. Right now a majority of people around the world are tired of being stuck in homes, worried about a deadly global pandemic, stressed about jobs and the future, and also? Still being killed by law enforcement. People of color are being killed. By law enforcement. The three recent horrific incidents involving…

  • Why a Worker Cooperative?

    Why a Worker Cooperative?

    Because there is another way! Why not form a “normal” corporation? We formed Cooperatus because we wanted to work on projects we could enjoy and perhaps believe in, to set our own hours, to contribute to building a better economy for “the rest of the world,” and to eat here and there. Pretty simple, really.…