Custom Software Design

Project needs analysis, systems architecture, customized code engineering, full client collaboration.

Website Management

Modernized web stack, site design, reliable content hosting, data backups.

System Administration

Security analysis, network administration, data backups, 24/7 monitoring, database migration, system and software updates.


Consulting Services

Infrastructure analysis, best practices, staff training, brand development, communication strategies.

Cooperative Formation

Step-by-step guidance, resources, collaboration, legal and financial contacts, hella solidarity!

Socially Aware Training

Customized class-aware curriculums pertaining to: cultural norms, implicit biases, different abilities, LGBTQ+, race, education, etc.

Our Clients

Genderevolution 2020
Utah Pride Center
Saigon Cafe
Epic Levels
Nerdy Bobbins

Our Team

Jessie Russell
Isaac Furniss
Anna Bellury
Luke Graybill

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May Day 2021: Celebrating Organized Workers
Society does not exist without workers.
May 1, 2021 • Cooperatus

Our post from last year: May Day 2020 - Cooperatus I just want to say one basic thing, partly as an economist, partly as a human being. One of the tests of any econom...

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Worker Cooperatives and COVID-19
Starting a new worker cooperative in the "Age of Coronavirus"? Yeah, we're doing that.
Sept. 1, 2020 • Cooperatus

Starting a business of any kind during a global pandemic, let alone a worker cooperative, seems difficult. Add how our starting membership are doing this for the first time. Then tack on the d...

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*wolf whistle*
Aug. 5, 2020 • Cooperatus

Hello, Reader. We're glad you’re here. Posts from us not about tech or workers may seem out of place in this blog, but they will all relate in some way to subjects Jessie touches on in cl...

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